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Start talking to your partner
Learn to be your real, authentic selves with each other and start talking again.
Restore trust in your relationship
Learn to repair trust in your relationship, rely on each other, and enjoy being together.
Communicate without fighting
Learn to stop the cycle of arguments and learn to hear each other.

My goal is to help you communicate better and strengthen your emotional connection. I believe that this can help you better solve your immediate problems and plan for the future. It can even improve your sex life!

All couples get stuck in certain repetitive patterns or “dance” with each other. One emotional reaction to something will produce a reaction in your partner which will produce a reaction in you, etc., etc. I want to help you see the the vicious circles you get stuck in and then find ways to create a better dance.

It’s also very important that you have a “bubble” around your relationship. The space between you is sacred and you can never let anyone (other family members, well-meaning friends, affair partners, etc.) or anything (a job, computer time, etc.) get between you. In therapy, you  should be able to strengthen your “couple bubble” so you each feel that you always come first, no matter what.

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