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Start talking to your partner
Learn to be your real, authentic selves with each other and start talking again.
Restore trust in your relationship
Learn to repair trust in your relationship, rely on each other, and enjoy being together.
Communicate without fighting
Learn to stop the cycle of arguments and learn to hear each other.

Develop the skills for a stronger, closer relationship

Couples and marriage therapy in Brooklyn

Take the first steps towards building a better relationship by choosing Joshua Nelson, LCSW, LMFT, for couples and marriage therapy in Brooklyn. Joshua has been helping couples in NYC with marriage counseling and couples therapy for over 35 years.

Learn to communicate with each other

Do you feel you haven't spoken with your partner for days, weeks, or even months? Do you feel you and your partner have drifted apart? Joshua can help you learn to express your authentic selves while learning to listen to each other.

Stop fighting

You don’t have to suffer endless arguments forever. You can learn to stop arguments in their tracks and enjoy each other's company. If you want to end the misery and build a peaceful life with your partner, learn how to communicate again in couples therapy.

Regain trust in your partner

You can restore trust in your relationship. Despite a history of broken promises, absence, or even infidelity, through therapy with Josh, you can learn to trust and support each other.

Work past your differences and deepen your connection

Through therapy sessions tailored to your unique needs, Josh is known for helping couples move beyond past arguments to build a closer, more enjoyable, relationship.

Call today to get started (718-509-0605) or click here to set up an initial appointment.

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